Town of L'Anse au Clair

Labrador, Canada

Misc Photos

Misc photos shown on pages throughout this website.
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Packing fish into bundles, Job Brothers premises, Blanc Sablon, 1903
Buildings at Job Brothers premises, Blanc Sablon, 1904
Blanc Sablon harbour viewed from Job Brothers premises, 1904
Route 510 through the town of L'Anse au Clair
The ferry terminal is located in nearby Blanc Sablon, Quebec
Flagstone and cobble construction, L'Anse au Cotard
Remnants of stone foundations, L'Anse au Cotard
Archaeological excavation, L'Anse au Cotard, 2004
Restoration nearing completion in 1992. The utility pole was later moved.
Architext drawing of proposed restoration of old St. Andrews.
Architect drawing of old St Andrews, existing condition in 1991.
A newly-paved section of the Trans Labrador Highway
The ferrry MV Apollo at dock in nearby Blanc Sablon
The Gateway visitor centre at L'Anse au Clair
Entrance sign at the Labrador-Quebec border
Together for songs & dance
Making a quilt
Hazel's Grocery General Store
Hazel's Appreciation Award from the Sports Weekend Committee
Hazel hooking a mat at the Dinner Theatre at the Northern Light Inn
Hazel and Violet Letto showing the quilt they made for sports weekend
Hazel with Come Home Year Quilt, which she helped to make
Dinner Theatre crew at the Northern Light Inn
Grandmother's mug and ring
Grandmother's special butterfly
Grandmother's lantern
The Family Dog
A photo of me and my nephew Perry in 1964. You can see the dog at the left.
A picture of my youngest brother Lester taken in 1954 with the dog.
A wedding photo of my brother Clarence and Belinda Letto in 1965. Notice dog at right.