Town of L'Anse au Clair

Labrador, Canada


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Town Centre Rooms and Items

Browse here to view the new AGM Town Centre, its exercise and recreation equipment (available to use during business hours), and pictures from some community events.
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L'Anse au Clair in Summer

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L'Anse au Clair in Winter

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Community Voices - Computer Class

Community Voices is a collection of webpages created by seven women from L'Anse au Clair, Labrador who came together to learn how to use a computer at the L'Anse au Clair CAP Site.

For more information about the project visit the Community Voices page.

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Community Voices - Guides and Scouts

By: Lorena (Letto) Clarke

This is a collection of photos and memorabilia of my years with Guides and Scouts. I hope that you enjoy looking at it as much as I have preparing it for you.

You may also read my Community Voices story: My Guiding and Scouting Experience.

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Community Voices - Mats

By: Lorena (Letto) Clarke

A collection of photos of poked and hooked mats.

You may also read my Community Voices story: Making Mats.

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Community Voices - Mom's Quilts

By: Pat (Letto) Jones

Photo collection of Violet Letto's quilts. These quilts were made for family members and friends over a span of about thirty years. My mother, Violet (Butt) Letto was born in 1918 and passed away in 2004.

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Community Voices - Esau Roberts: Postcards from WW I

By: Gladys (Hancock) Thomas

Esau Roberts, my grandfather, joined the navy and served on the HMS Victory in the First World War. Here are some of the pictures of him in his uniform and some of the old postcards sent by him from England. Some of the postcards are from my grandmother's cousin, Jack James, also an Able Seaman. Both these men were from Forteau. The postcards were sent to my grandmother, Victoria Flynn, from 1914-1916. My grandparents were married November 28, 1921.

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Our Community - L'Anse au Clair, Labrador

Pictures of our community, the beautiful community of L'Anse au Clair, on the Southern Coast of Labrador.
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The Jersey Rooms Archaeological Project 2004-2005

Discovered by archaeologists in 1986, one of the early Jersey settlements was at L'Anse au Cotard, located between L'Anse au Clair and Blanc Sablon. This site was the focus of archaeological excavations in 2004 and the development of an interpreted trail in 2005. Three stone structures were identified at the site, which is still above ground. A stone walkway used by the Jersey fisherman is still visible.
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Come Home Year 2008

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Jamiee Thomas, winner of Karaoke Star Jr. (2009)

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Misc Photos

Misc photos shown on pages throughout this website.
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